Polycarbonate shower for State houses with their own hands

Rarely does anybody in the dacha build a capital shower made of brick or cinder block. Normally its use is limited to 3 summer months and after that during the planting of their vegetable garden, as well as harvesting. For this brief period it's enough to build a light cabin in any sheet material. Not a poor choice is that a shower for dacha from polycarbonate with a living area, which is not tricky to design and make yourself. Why it is Much Better to choose polycarbonate for liner the shower

Polycarbonate is not the only material for cladding a dacha shower. With this instance with achievement will fit the profiled sheeting or batten. Just now we chose to stop just with this stunning and durable material.

Let's consider the advantage of using polycarbonate for cladding the shower along with other similar substances:

  • If the advantages of polycarbonate have persuaded you, let us proceed to the next phase of building a shower for dacha.
  • A Couple of important tips regarding the development of the look of a Nation shower using a changing room

Such a simple structure, as a shower out of polycarbonate for dacha requires the development of this project. It is not necessary to construct complex drawings, and a simple scheme could be retrieved out. Here you need to immediately decide for yourself exactly what you need to construct a shower. Very fast you may create a lightweight stall and just put it to the ground. More complicated in the production of shower on the base with water heating, however such a design will probably last longer. Additionally, at a dacha shower you will have the ability to bathe in sunlight.

  • Structure of a dacha shower begins with determining its location. It's important to notice that the tank ought to be constantly filled with water. Carrying it in Saved from afar is embarrassing and difficult. It is much better to set the shower stall close to the water intake.
  • If the dacha shower will probably bathe a lot of individuals, it should be placed as near as possible to this cesspool or septic tank. Close setup dacha shower near the cesspool will rescue on laying sewer pipes, but it is desirable to not deliver the stall closer into the accumulator of impurities nearer than 3 m. On hot days, bad smells from the sewage system will penetrate the shower, making an unpleasant atmosphere while bathing.
  • The water from the tank during a summer shower is warmed from the sun. The stall should be placed in the sunniest area, where there's not any shade in the trees and tall structures.
  • In the shower booth and shifting room from polycarbonate should provide lighting, which means that you are able to bathe at night. Only it is crucial to consider that the lights need to have a high degree of protection against water. It's optimal to put shower cottages on the back of the house. Here are closest to the sewer, water source and not far to pull on the electric cable for light.
  • Determined by the place of the place of this summer shower, begin to produce a plot of the cabin itself from polycarbonate. Initially it had been decided that the garden shower will probably be together with all the living area. https://shtorymax.ru/ If the standard for the magnitude of this standard shower stall 1x1h2,2 m, then the locker room will need to add a span of approximately 0.6 m. In this case, the width of the layout tends to turn out 1,6 m, and the span – 1,6 m. When the owners are obese men and women, then the width of the shower cubicle with a locker area is far better to grow 1.2 m.
  • within the shower booth provide separation. Separate the dressing room threshold, in addition to tarpaulin curtain. They will not allow the water to wet clothes and shoes.
  • If desired, the dressing room could be coordinated from the anteroom. Then, close to the shower enclosure separately install additional racks, to that fix sheets of polycarbonate. The size of the pre-bath depends on the preferences of the owner. Sometimes cottagers build larger pre-baths where, as well as the dressing area, equip a recreation room. Inside there are benches and a table.
  • The total height of this shower cottage from floor to roof is 2.2 m. Together with the tank it could achieve 2.5 m, and much higher. The height within the shower stall will probably be lower. Part of the space below will have a wooden tray, along with the top will hang out a watering can with a tap not less than 15 cm.

Given all these variables, on a bit of paper sketches the plot of the shower with a polycarbonate dressing area, and then proceed to its construction.

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