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As a series of immense energy surges sweep the entire solar system and the unprotected Earth, the U.S. Space Command suspects that the reasons behind the space anomaly may be the ambitious Lima Project and the renowned long-lost astronaut, Clifford McBride. Now, Clifford's composed son and impeccable astronaut, Major Roy McBride, has to travel to the edge of the cosmos on a manned mission to the cold blue planet, Neptune, to see firsthand whether his father is still alive, and, hopefully, locate the source of a problem that threatens the stability of our vast galaxy. The answers we seek lie 4.3 billion kilometres away; however, in the unending emptiness of space, is Roy prepared to answer the ultimate question? Is anybody out there?
Release date=2019
Writer=James Gray
score=161093 vote

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Had expectations on this one : great actors, sci-fi story, great trailer. etc. But its a flat and sad story, emotionally shortened. What the primates had to do in this movie – way out in space I will never know. And the pirates on the moon. Seemed like a suicide mission for them. I would rather like to see a movie made from a recognised sci-fi novel.
Don't go see it! Anyone who has given this movie more than 2 stars is delusional. This movie makes the case of scoring it a 0 or less. Bad script, bad acting, bad science, droning narration by Brad Pitt's character. I like Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland, neutral on Brad Pitt but the acting was uninspired, I can't believe they read the script and agreed to do the movie. The movie is horrible, a waste of time and money. It easily makes my all-time bottom ten movie list. 123 minutes you will never get back. I wish I had read the reviews before going.

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I was very looking forward to seeing this movie. On top of that a friend told me it was a bit like Event Horizon, so I expected something like scary space story or at least good sci-fi and science. I got none of that. Through the film there is so many plot and science holes… Some examples:

  • Boarding a rocket at launch 5 meters from the engine exhaust ? You would die from heat and vibration instantly wtf was that. In an actual rocket launch on earth you would die even 100 meters from the rocket.
  • You arrive at the moon terminal and the gravity looks exactly like gravity on earth. Yet when they go out with the rover the gravity is moon-like. What is happening inside ? Is there some kind of Gravity enhancer ? Doesn't make sense.
  • Moon rovers look shitty considering we are in the future
  • What about the monkeys ? This scene is so unnecessary.
  • Pirate on the moon ? Seriously. li>
  • Why boarding the final rocket at all if he actually wanted to do the mission and destroy the target. 3 dead for nothing

On the other hand, the movie is beautiful though and well acted.
I wanted more. More scicence, more story climax more mystery. When he arrives in the final ship, there is nothing special to discover here. He just takes his father and setup the nuke like planned, that was disapoinging.

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