PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR HIGHER EDUCATION: IT'S ABOUT GUIDING, POSSIBLY NOT DOING Did you know a parent who all attended any Ivy little league school and even obsessed of the child starting the same classes? Have you heard of oldsters who attended Texas A& M and even insisted that will their children go to as well?

Being a father or mother is about powering, not executing . The actual adage which will implies 'teaching is more successful than doing' holds true together with teenagers in the process. It's important to impress upon your young children the importance of an education. It's not great ram an actual college down their throats and actually tell them if they want to attend institution it will be your selection. That's not child-rearing, that's dictating. And while motherhood requires a specific amount of policies, it does not advantage your child for you to force these into a option that does not suit with their fire .

Invest the the time to educate your child ways to apply for scholarships and grants, how to submit an application for financial aid, and how to fill out a university application, you're teaching them to become independent. You are furnishing them with knowledge that will offer over into the job market in addition to into their lifetime when they initiate their own family members . Have to it your children, they won't find out anything but will continue to be reliant on you just for other jobs as well.

But , how can you coach them without having the right gear? How can you help them to prepare thus to their college yrs if you could not go you and have are cluess where to begin? Therefore I'm right here! To help you find the appropriate tools for helping your teen do well. If you have the software and discover how to use them, you may guide your future college student do and be assured that her college knowledge is personally and scholastically beneficial.

They have all about the best tools for those job. Now i'm here that can help . If you have had a question related to college research, please place it the following and We will be happy to help. I've been presently there myself and i also know how complicated it can be. I additionally know how significant it is for being prepared.


The exact 2008-2009 the school year is coming to an end. Seniors shall be graduating in addition to moving on to college, technical classes or trade school. Second will known as be older persons with a occupied year before them previous to walking all around that level next Can or August. Senior year is NOT the time to coast , relax plus develop senioritis. It's the time for you to get every one of your ducks in the row and commence a time period for higher education planning . Here's a few suggestions from experience that may help.


  1. Commence refining your company's college collection by seeing college adventures online and deciding which educational facilities you would like to do further for visiting and requesting an entrée interview.
  2. Do a little online exercise tests on the SAT and/or ACT to determine your weak spots. Spend time over the summer pursuing and enhancing vocabulary, instructional math skills and even essay knowledge.
  3. Start publishing your application essay and improving them to will be looking forward to submission.


  1. Register for the particular SAT together with ACT
  2. Consult your school counselor and ensure your programs are on track for the educational institutions you have chosen together with review your educational record with regard to accuracy.
  3. Consult admissions reps who come to your school and be present at the college rational. Make sure you receive business cards so you can follow up through the application method.
  4. Plan school visits in addition to schedule programs interviews while on campus.


  1. Take LAY and FUNCTION tests
  2. Grant teacher impartial forms towards your teachers as well as the school record form for your counselor to deliver ample time to completion as a part of your institution applications.


  1. Register for SITTING Subject checks to be taken keep away from.
  2. Begin buy your faculty applications and ensure you have all of components accomplished and ready for submission.


  1. Submit your financial aid CSS/PROFILE to the appropriate colleges.
  2. Obtain a copy on the FAFSA and commence preparing to comprehensive it at the begining of January. Make sure you are familiar with the application request and necessary financial documents required.
  3. In order to SAT Matter Tests
  4. Email your higher education applications WELL BEFORE your winter break. Retain copies involving everything you snail mail and send the programs and styles via certified/return receipt email. If you utilize online, give the additional styles via your mailbox.


  1. Carry out the FAFSA online the first week involving January. Keep in mind that Financial Aid is determined by completion of this and you Need to make it a priority.
  2. Study challenging and do clearly on your mid-semester exams.


  1. Check to make certain your mid-year transcript is usually sent to every one of the colleges you will have applied to. Everyone these days. Your honours, aid and scholarships depend the receipt of this high school transcript.
  2. Contact your educational facilities to find out receipt with the transcript as well as ascertain if they are in need of any extra information.


  1. Watch for your company SAR (Student Aid Report) in the ship and evaluation it very carefully. Make virtually any corrections that might be needed plus return this immediately.
  2. Give your SAR and demanded tax sorts to the school funding office. Get in touch with each college's financial aid home office to confirm your application will be complete and they have all the kinds they require. This is VERY IMPORTANT.


  1. College worldwide recognition letters beginning of arrive. Take a look at financial aid honor packages and also compare the main colleges.
  2. Choose a final decision which college you prefer to attend and also mail the acceptance web form along with the leave. Also call the schools you will not be wedding and reception and call them to acquire you down their list. This will clear spaces for college students who are wait listed.

May possibly

  1. May 10th is the complete LAST TIME to decide on your company's college selection. You MUST allow college recognize by this particular date. There are VIRTUALLY NO exceptions!
  2. Write thank you ideas to every that helped one: recommendations, advisors, family, and also friends.
  3. Require AP lessons to get higher education credit.

As you can see, there are numerous tasks to undertake during your senior citizen year. If you've planned forward and accomplished all you ought to have, you should be capable to walk around that cycle at college graduation breathing any sigh for relief for you to planned along with executed all step to gain access to the college of your choice.

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